Just like Pierson, we are going to make a difference.


The Pierson Project is made up of a group of survivors who have experienced first hand just how devastating suicide can be for families, friends, children, and even strangers.  The loss of Pierson Phillips to suicide at age 14 struck a chord because he was a fierce advocate and educator on what it was like to be a kid living with a mental illness.  Pierson started speaking publicly at the age of 10 and his theme was often ‘Changing the Story’.  In just a few short years he was able to do just that.  He changed the story for so many when it came to mental illness and suicide just by speaking up.  Our goal is to continue helping our community conquer the stigma and shame that surrounds these issues and to empower others who want to make a difference in the Kansas City area.  

the SURVIVORS project

Pierson was not ashamed of who he was and neither are we. Follow our journey as we navigate our new roles as survivors of suicide.

Do you want to make a difference? We are always looking for contributors, collaborators, partners

Our goal is to continue Pierson's legacy of making a difference for those living with mental illness and suicidal thoughts, but we can't do it alone. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time, talents, or even if you just have words of wisdom to help make a difference for those families and children living with mental illness.